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Forest Grove Police Officer’s Body Camera Captures Car Crash as it Happens

Troy Maslen with the Forest Grove Police Department was wearing a helmet-mounted camera that capture more than just a routine traffic stop on July 14th. Maslen had a driver pulled over while he heard a loud crash nearby at the intersection of 19th Avenue and Hawthorne Street.

The camera shows the traffic lights on Hawthorne Street are about halfway through a red light cycle when the crash occurred, though both drivers insisted their lights were green.

Body mounted-cameras could be a huge help for keeping both police and civilians accountable. Maslen was able to immediately call for medical assistance after seeing the crash occur. Videos like this can be helpful as evidence to determine exactly what happened in a collision and determine fault. The Forest Grove Police Department has been using the helmet-mounted video cameras on two officers since April.

Watch the video of the crash here.