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Fitbit Data Is Now Being Used In Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury cases can be difficult to show that someone’s injuries keep them from doing their job or daily activities. How can you show that this person deserves thousands of dollars in compensation? Lawyers may soon be able to use quantifiable data provided by fitness trackers like the Fitbit for such cases.

A law firm in Calgary is working on a case in which they will use a Fitbit to determine the woman’s activity levels.  Her job is a personal trainer and the Fitbit is being used to show her activity levels are under a baseline for someone of her age and profession. The lawyers will use analytics provided by a platform called Vivametrica, which compares a person’s activity data with that of the general population.

This case may be the first one of many to use a wearable device in personal injury claims and prosecutions. The data by Vivametrica would be available by request or for insurers and law firms. Data from wearables like Fitbit will become more insightful for courts as technology is more sophisticated tracking not only steps but continuous heart beat and temperature.