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Real Client: Family Crashed When Driver Ran Stop Sign in the Fog

This is a real story about one of our real auto accident clients. All names of individuals have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike. But the names of insurance companies are real, and the details of what happened have not been changed.

The “Johnson” family was driving on Hwy 213 when their accident occurred. At an intersection, another driver ran a stop sign. According to the news reports, fog may have contributed to this oversight. Mr. Johnson was unable to stop in time and hit the driver at about 50mph. This hard hit totaled their truck and the car of the driver who ran the sign. The Johnson’s car ended up in a field beside the highway.

Although Mr. Johnson t-boned the other car, the police on the scene determined that the other driver was at fault for illegally running the stop sign. The driver was cited. The Johnson family was all taken to the ER in an ambulance to treat their injuries.

Everyone in the family, which included two parents and their son, were seriously injured in the car accident. The son’s face hit the dashboard and his gums were stripped from the teeth, requiring several dental appointments and a possible skin graft. Mrs. Johnson had both a broken arm and a swollen knee as well as soft tissue injuries. Mr. Johnson’s injuries included stiff pain in his neck, lower back, and knees.

Because these injuries affected the Johnsons’ ability to work, especially Mrs. Johnson’s broken arm, they decided to seek legal help and called DuBois Law Group after reading the useful information in our blog. They have now hired us to represent them, and we are working to get them the compensation they deserve for lost wages, medical bills, and non-economic damages.

If you have been in a similar accident, you might be considering hiring an experienced Portland car accident attorney. At DuBois Law Group, we are dedicated to helping injury victims and we are happy to schedule a free consultation for you. Just call our office at (503) 222-4411.