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Driver-Pedestrian Safety Tips this Spring


Portland Oregon

With some of the warmest weather hitting the Portland area this weekend, it is important for drivers and pedestrians to be aware of each other to avoid accidents.  As the weather gets nicer, more people will be outside enjoying themselves.  Parents, make sure when your kids are playing outside, they stay off busy roads to stay away from cars and bicyclists.  Smaller children can be hard for drivers to see if they dart out in front of a vehicle. When crossing streets, make sure to use designated cross-walks and walk only when the signal tells you to.  Sun glare can affect many drivers vision and sometimes they have a hard time seeing pedestrians during sunrise and sunset.  Make eye contact with the driver at a stop sign so you both are aware of each others presence to avoid a collision.

Drivers should pay extra attention for pedestrians around the roads.  Make sure to watch your speed in neighborhoods where children may run out into the road while playing outside.  Around urban areas, watch for pedestrians out-and-about crossing the street.  Sometimes during the sunrise and sunset, it can be difficult for drivers to see due to sun glare, so it is important to keep your speed in check and be aware of your surroundings.