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Dark Streets Limit Visibility for Drivers and Pedestrians

The past couple of weeks there have been several accidents involving pedestrians being hit by vehicles in the early morning or evenings when it is still dark out. Some of these crashes involved victims who did not survive.

If you are walking at night make sure drivers can see you. Be visible and try to make eye contact with the driver when crossing the street in the dark. Using designated crosswalks is the safest way to cross the street. Try to wear bright or reflective clothing and carry a flashlight to improve your chances of being seen. Many of these accidents occurred because of people wearing dark clothing on dark streets.

Dark streets and poor visibility can create problems on any road for pedestrians and drivers.

As drivers, make sure to pay close attention at intersections and crosswalks for pedestrians in the dark. Many of the drivers involved in the recent cases have not been cited yet but police are continuing to investigate each one to determine if they will face charges.