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Motorcycle Crash Kills Eagle Point Man

Date: September 25, 2009
Location: U.S. 199, north of Grants Pass
Names: Harrel Eugene Neal

An Eagle Point motorcyclist died about 2:20 PM on September 25, 2009, after his motorcycle swerved onto the shoulder of U.S. 199 near Grants Pass, hitting a guardrail. Harrel Eugene Neal, 51, was thrown off his 2005 Honda motorcycle, Oregon State Police told The Oregonian. Neal was wearing a helmet. An ambulance crew, which happened to be nearby, was able to reach the scene in minutes, but they were unable to revive Neal.

Responders included the Oregon Department of Transportation and Josephine County Sheriff’s Office deputies. State police are continuing to investigate.

Our hearts go out to Neal’s family during this difficult time. Anytime a motorcycle fatality occurs, we are reminded of the high injury and death rates for motorcycle riders. Several factors contribute to the potential risk: a motorcycle itself is more difficult to handle than a car, and two-wheeled vehicles are less stable than those with four wheels. Adding to the danger, some car drivers may find motorcyclists hard to see, or just aren’t watchful of them. And a substantial factor in many crashes is inexperience. This is why we welcome the new Oregon law requiring motorcycle skills training, and we are optimistic that this will make the roads safer for all.

Several factors could have contributed to this accident. Poor road conditions, faulty mechanics, distracted driver. That’s why, when someone is seriously injured, a competent Oregon personal injury attorney can investigate and find out what truly happened.  Usually at no cost.  For more information on what to do in the case of an Oregon accident, contact our personal injury lawyers or read our book, 7 Common Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Oregon Accident Case.