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Bicycle Helmet Safety


Under the ORS 814.485 law, anyone under the age of 16 is required to wear a helmet when riding as an operator or rider of a bicycle on premises open to the public. The helmet must be labeled certifying they are compliant with the US CPSC standards.

Bicycle helmet usage is not required by law for adults. Cyclists are encouraged to wear helmets to protect themselves on the roadways with other motor vehicles. Portland is creating more of an effort to make city streets more bike friendly since the number of cyclists increases each year.

The most significant locations to measure bicyclists are on the four main bike-friendly bridges: the Broadway, Steel, Burnside & Hawthorne. Since 1991, bicycle use on these four bridges has grown 322% while automotive trips have not increased at all.

Teaching your children about helmet safety is important so they develop good habits at a young age. As for Portland bicycle accidents we see bike accidents happen often and want to remind cyclists to be safe on the roads.