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Bad Faith Claims and Allstate Insurance

I hear all the time about how awful Allstate is to deal with. I agree. Except that I have one caveat: I haven’t found an insurance company that’s much better. In fact, that’s why we are willing to sue insurance companies – as Portland insurance bad faith claim attorneys, we are working to ensure that insurance companies do not take advantage of Oregon residents.

In my experience as an attorney that specializes in bad faith claims, they’re all pretty similar. They all seem to have forgotten that they’re not an ordinary business; that they are supposed to have a higher calling than simply making as much money as possible

See The Worst Insurance Companies in America (PDF).

Insurance companies are supposed to be there when you need them. You’re supposed to be In Good Hands with Allstate. Your insurance is supposed to be “The Family You Choose.” (That’s American Family). Farmers is supposed to “Get You Back Where You Belong.” Geico is probably one of the more honest advertisers: they’re cheap.

Portland Insurance Bad Faith Claim Attorneys Work to Protect You.

Every day, I help injured people who are making insurance claims. I always imagine that somewhere out there are a whole bunch of honest, trustworthy, helpful insurance adjusters, who make a fair offer right off the bat. I imagine that I never hear about them, because if an insurance adjuster ever actually did that, the person wouldn’t have to call a lawyer.

Unfortunately, it seems to be a dream.

While Allstate may be the worst of the bunch, they all have lost their way. They all try to maximize their profit. What they should be doing is making a fair profit, while also taking care of their policy holders by offering fair settlements quickly. Instead, they deny, delay, and defend, rather than pay a fair claim quickly.

It’s a shame.

If the insurance companies ever start treating people fairly, I’ll be out of a job as a Portland insurance bad faith attorney. And you know what? That would be just fine with me.

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