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11-Year-Old Boy Takes Coleman to Court

Date: 10/29/09
Names: Trevor Dennis, Alysha Reed

In an example of how the American justice system should work, 11-year-old Trevor Dennis and his mother, Alysha Reed, are going to trial in a defective product case against The Coleman Co.

Trevor suffered from serious burns after a ProCat heater caught fire in the family’s camping equipment trailer. Reports show that Coleman had received complaints and warranty claims and knew about other fires, but continued to put the product on retail shelves anyway.
The best Orange County personal injury lawyers we know, and in fact, two of the best injury lawyers in California John Bisnar and Brian Chase, of Bisnar | Chase, are representing the boy. Trevor and his mother hope to be compensated for his horrific suffering, as well as ongoing medical treatment and potential loss of earning capacity in his adult life.

In a case like this, we hope to see a verdict that will represent what the American judicial system is set in place for: justice for all. That includes everyone, not just large corporations that can afford even larger law firms. As Portland personal injury attorneys, we strive for this sort of justice every day. We commend our colleagues in California for pursuing Coleman and doing what it takes to get justice for this little boy.  And we further commend them because we know that they will take this case as far as it needs to go in order to get justice.