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Oregon Hit-and-Run Victim Obtains $100,000 Settlement

Portland personal injury attorney Sean DuBois of DuBois Law Group helped a young man obtain a favorable settlement of $100,000 in November 2010 for a hit-and-run accident that left him with a torn medial meniscus in his right knee that required an arthroscopic meniscectomy. The man’s settlement represents the maximum amount possible that could have been recovered from the insurance company in his particular case.

According to testimony made by the plaintiff, he had come to a stop at a stop sign when he was rear-ended by the defendant. The plaintiff got out of his car and was hit in the knee by the defendant’s vehicle as she fled the scene of the car accident. The man’s knee injury brought about substantial medical expenses in order for the medial meniscus tear to be repaired, not to mention pain and suffering and other damages.

The hit-and-run driver who left the scene of the accident that injured the plaintiff eventually was found. Although she said that she didn’t have insurance, her insurance information was obtained to help compensate the injured man.

Individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents in Oregon are required to safety stop at the accident scene or a nearby location without unnecessarily blocking traffic or putting others on the road at risk. “Hit-and-run” is a traffic crime that can lead to serious consequences and does a huge disservice to people who were injured or family members of those killed in the accident.

The case handled by DuBois Law Group demonstrates that although Oregon hit-and-run collisions can be complex, a resolution is obtainable. In helping the injured man win a successful case result, Mr. DuBois helped him not have to take expenses for his medical bills out of the settlement.