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Safe Driving Tips in Foggy Conditions


driving in the fog

With all the morning fog in Portland last week, it is important to drive safely in these conditions. Pay attention to local weather conditions to check when there is possible fog in the mornings and/or evening and adjust your driving habits accordingly.

Allow extra room in between other vehicles to avoid a collision. Use fog lights or driving lights if your vehicle has them. Fog lights are typically mounted low toward the ground with beam of light projected in a wide or flat pattern. The intent of fog lights is to minimize the reflection back by fog and they are wider to illuminate the sides of the roads too. Driving lights are the headlights used to pierce the night darkness further than regular headlights. Experiment with what combination works best for you but always remember to have your headlights on when fog is present.

Watch for pedestrians, bicyclists and animals crossing the roads. Bicyclists should have lights or at least reflectors on, but pedestrians most likely will not. Pay careful attention to crosswalks and slow down when you see one approaching to check for pedestrians. Animals are unpredictable and could dart across the street at any time, keep your speed in check and slow down in wooded areas or neighborhoods.

Driving slower is the best way to make sure you stay safe while driving in foggy conditions.