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Trucker Fined for Falsifying Driver’s Daily Logbook


Truck drivers have an important job that comes with many responsibilities. Some of these duties include following hours of service rules and accurately logging driving hours. However, as a recent Oregon commercial truck rollover crash demonstrates, truck driver fatigue and falsifying logbooks are still a problem. GazetteTimes.com reports that Oregon State Police cited a truck driver for careless driving, failure to perform duties of driver involved in a property damage crash, and falsifying his driver’s daily logbook. The citation is connected to a rollover accident on Interstate 5 at the Highway 20 interchange that did not result in any injuries. However, at least three other motor vehicle collisions, one with injury, did occur because motorists were slowing down for the truck accident.

According to Lt. Mark Cotter of the Oregon State Police, Fazeel Faiyaz Aiyuba, 32, of Arizona, was driving the 2000 Freightliner truck. The commercial vehicle was pulling a semi-trailer containing produce northbound on Interstate 5 near milepost 233. Aiyuba reportedly lost control of the truck along the snow-covered road, causing him to hit a sign and concrete barrier before the vehicle overturned.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently proposed new hours of service rules for commercial truck drivers. The new regulations are expected to promote safer truck operation and help prevent accidents involving large commercial trucks.

Due to the size and weight of large trucks, Oregon truck accidents typically cause occupants of vehicles other than the truck to suffer serious injury or death. Because of this heightened risk, truck drivers must be fully alert and aware of their surroundings at all times. A trucker who operates their truck longer than the law allows could be trying to make more money or make up for lost time. Nevertheless, this type of neglect is unacceptable and puts the lives of others in danger.

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