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Cyclist Dragged 150 Feet in Road Rage Incident

Date: August 13, 2009
Location: Northeast Couch Street and Sandy Boulevard
Names: Kevin Stevenson, Kate Darnell

The Oregonian reported yesterday that a cyclist was seriously injured after being dragged 150 feet by an automobile driver.

The details of the incident are still forming, with varying viewpoints of what happened, but the Oregonian reports that at approximately 1 AM, cyclist Kevin Stevenson, 31, of Portland, along with his girlfriend Kate Darnell, 26, also of Portland and her family were biking near East Burnside near Sandy Boulevard when an unknown driver began to tailgate them. As the driver pulled around the cyclists, Stevenson began to yell at the driver. Darnell reports that Stevenson then approached the vehicle’s driver’s side window, and attempted to grab the driver, upset that the vehicle was too close to the cyclists. Conflicting accounts also indicate that Stevenson yelled at the driver and the driver backed up, grabbed Stevenson and continued to drag him for 150 feet. Stevenson was taken to Legacy Emanuel’s burn center for serious injuries to his back, shoulder, heels and legs.

Regardless of who is to blame, we find it irresponsible and cruel that the driver involved in this incident did not have the decency to stay after inflicting such serious injuries. We hope that Kevin recovers quickly from this hit and run accident, and that his family and friends can get past the shock of what has happened to their loved one. We hope that the driver in question will be found and face the consequences of their actions.
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