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A Car Accident Doctor Could Make or Break Your Case

Chris Brown Makes Headlines After Crashing His Car Trying to Evade Paparazzi

Notorious singer Chris Brown again made headlines after crashing his black Porsche into a wall while allegedly trying to evade paparazzi in Beverly Hills.  According to The Huffington Post, Brown escaped the accident without injury, and Beverly Hills law enforcement reported the accident as a “solo, non-injury traffic collision.” TMZ reported that Brown told them he was cornered by four cars, when two cameramen jumped out of two of the cars to take photos. Brown said he then tried to escape by backing his car down an alley, whereupon a chase occurred. Brown told police he lost control of his car during the chase.

A Car Accident Doctor’s Records Could Prove to be Your Best Evidence

This was not your average automobile accident, as Brown’s crash evidently did not result in injury to the singer. No news sources reported even a visit to a doctor by Brown, and he appeared to be in fine shape at the Grammy Awards, which aired live the evening after the incident. But if you are injured in a car accident, getting immediate medical attention can be important to show the insurance company when claiming damages.

While it may be tempting to neglect visiting a physician when no apparent injuries are present after an auto accident, it is wise to do so. Failing to visit a car accident doctor after a car crash of any kind could result in denial of any injury claim you might have later on.  Many times, injuries from a car accident become apparent long after-the-fact, and if found to be serious could result in extended medical care and missed work.

As one of your best resources  for proving your case should you need to file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit following an accident, your car accident doctor plays an important role in your ability to collect compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance provider. Therefore, seeking immediate medical attention is important any time you are involved in an auto accident.  However, if your physical condition doesn’t require emergency treatment, it is reasonable to visit your personal physician the day after the accident; but you should see your personal physician or a car accident doctor as soon as possible.

Some helpful things to remember when visiting a car accident doctor include the following.

  • Alert your doctor that you were in a car accident when you make your appointment.
  • Ask him or her to perform a complete physical.
  • Make sure you tell your car accident doctor if you are having pain, particularly if you are experiencing head pain. If you are having head pain, request an MRI.
  • Take along a copy of your medical history if the doctor you choose to visit isn’t your regular physician for examination of any pre-existing injuries you might have to determine whether or not these injuries intensified because of the car accident.
  • Retain copies of all medical exam results and bills.

Remember, if any accident results in injury or death, the Oregon DMV requires that you report the accident. Even if a police report is filed, you need to report your accident to the DMV or you may lose your driving privileges. An Oregon DMV Accident and Insurance Form can be found and downloaded on the DMV’s website or you can visit a local DMV office to report the accident. Having a medical evaluation and properly reporting your accident to the Oregon DMV is a good beginning to any insurance claims or personal injury claims you might anticipate. Once these tasks are complete, if you think you might be eligible to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party for injuries that have caused you great financial loss, contact an experienced Oregon personal injury lawyer for assistance.

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