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UPDATE: Driver in Bicyclist Dragging Incident Suspect

Date: August 16, 2009
Location: Northeast Portland
Names: Kevin Stevenson, Kate Darnall

The Oregonian reports that Portland police have new information regarding a bicycle injury dragging incident that occurred in Northeast Portland between bicyclist Kevin Stevenson and an unknown driver this Thursday, August 13th.

It is now believed that the driver of the vehicle, who is still unknown, shares more responsibility than previously suspected. Police reports directly after the accident reflect opposing statements, both from Stevenson and his girlfriend Kate Darnall. One account reflects that Stevenson grabbed the driver of the vehicle, while Darnall reports that the driver backed up and grabbed the cyclist. After re-interviewing both parties, police detective Mary Wheat believes that the driver, or another passenger of the vehicle grabbed and continued to drag Stevenson. Wheat has yet to release details about the vehicle, stating nothing more than “The vehicle is not from Oregon.”

Stevenson is still listed in serious condition as of Friday, with injuries to his shoulders, back, heels, legs and knees. We continue to pray for his recovery and hope the driver involved in this accident comes forward.