Our Portland Personal Injury Staff Bios

Sean DuBois, found of DuBois Law Group, has a great team to assist him with legal support services. Unlike most law firms, where each case is assigned to one or two people, at DuBois Law Group LLC, every single member of the firm is involved in every case. This means more attention, more oversight, and more expertise is given to each claim.

The team  is a compassionate and experienced group of professionals dedicated to giving you the best possible representation through detailed research, efficiency, and respect for the legal process.

Lena DuBois, Medical Specialist

Lena DuBois has been with the firm for 10 years. She has a Masters degree in Physical Therapy, which gives her invaluable knowledge of the medical problems our clients are dealing with. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Portland State University.

Trained in an intensive four-year program at the Boden Univeristy College of Health Sciences in Boden, Sweden, Lena works hard to ensure that all our clients receive the medical treatment they need, their medical bills are paid, and their medical liens are reduced, if possible. She also assists the attorneys with writing demand letters and negotiating with insurance adjusters.

In her free time, Lena loves spending time with her kids, taking dance classes, and traveling in the San Juan Islands on her family’s boat.

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