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The Attorney-Client Relationship

The attorney-client relationship is a time-honored tradition. DuBois Law Group is committed to providing you with high-quality ethical legal representation.

All good relationships are based on trust, which requires honest and open communication. The attorney-client relationship is no different. Our Portland personal injury lawyers will always be honest with you, and we expect you to always be honest with us. This ensures we understand the full details of your case and can make informed decisions.

All of our private conversations and communications with you will be considered confidential. The information you provide us in confidence will remain confidential, so long as you do not expose it. The only exception on our end is that provided for by federal and Oregon state law, or if you decide to sue us. If you reveal our communications to anyone else, then your confidentiality will be broken.

We will not reveal any confidences or secrets without your consent, except as necessary to advocate in your case. At the same time, we will need you to be completely open with us, and give us as much information as you can about yourself and the circumstances surrounding your personal injury case. We may not use all of the information while representing you, but it is important that we know about everything so we can plan for it.

Our office works as a team. You are an important member of the team. After all, it is your case. The best strategy is not contrived by lawyers but comes from listening to clients explain what they know about what happened. We value the information and suggestions you provide and expect you to provide input as we go about the business of preparing and presenting your case. We are working as advocates FOR you, and we want to work WITH you to get the best results possible.

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