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Oregon Auto Insurance Claims

Oregon Auto Insurance Companies Delay, Deny and Defend

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If you have been in a car accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance should cover all your expenses. These expenses, or “damages” in personal injury terms,  may include the following:

  • Medical bills, including future medical expenses
  • Lost wages, including loss of future earnings
  • Household services (if you need to hire someone to do something you can no longer do yourself)
  • Property damages
  • Loss of enjoyment or consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability

Filing a claim can be easy or difficult depending on the insurance company, the adjuster, the liability, etc., and you need to be aware that many insurance companies do engage in tactics that can hurt your claim. The three most common tactics that insurance adjusters use to avoid having to pay damages are: Delaying, Denying, and Defending. Read more below and see how a Portland car accident lawyer can help your case.

Oregon Auto Insurance Companies:

If you are filing an Oregon auto insurance claim, you should be aware of the reputation for each insurance company – this will help you understand their tricks, tactics, and how you can help your own case. Click on the name of the insurance company you are filing a claim with below for more information on each company.

  1. Oregon State Farm Insurance
  2. Oregon Farmers Insurance
  3. Oregon Liberty Mutual Insurance
  4. Oregon Geico Insurance
  5. Oregon Progressive Insurance
  6. Oregon Travelers Insurance
  7. Oregon Country Financial Insurance
  8. Oregon American Family Insurance
  9. Oregon USAA Insurance
  10. Oregon Allstate Insurance

Delaying Oregon Auto Insurance Claims

Insurance companies handle millions of claims. If they can save $100 on each one, they increase their bottom line by hundreds of millions of dollars. They have a whole lot of money that they are investing, and they are making lots of money on those investments. Every day that they can delay paying you is a day that they can earn interest on their money. They also know that you are getting squeezed, and every day they can delay makes you just a little bit more desperate to settle.

Denying  Oregon Auto Insurance Claims

Sometimes an adjuster will deny a claim for a small reason. Or they will deny a claim without telling you the reason. In some cases, maybe you forgot to comply with some policy, and in other cases, the denial might be unreasonable. In cases like this, you can ask the reason and then either try to explain yourself why the denial is unreasonable or you can hire an attorney to communicate with the adjuster for you. Either way, denying a claim is one way adjusters can keep insurance company costs down – which is their primary goal.

Defending Oregon Auto Insurance Claims

If you’ve filed a claim, been denied, and are still fighting for your right to compensation, you may need to file a complaint. At this point, you will probably need a personal injury attorney because the insurance adjuster will bring out an insurance defense attorney. The defense attorney will try to show why, legally, the insurance company is not responsible for your damages. Usually, your own attorney will be able to show why you are entitled to compensation and the adjuster will make a low settlement offer. But a good personal injury attorney will often be able to negotiate for a higher settlement amount.

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