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Bicycle accidents are unfortunately common in Oregon. These collisions can lead to serious consequences, from financial hardship and physical injury to emotional trauma and an inability to work. If you are injured in one of these accidents, you may be eligible for legal action. The Hillsboro bicycle accident attorneys at DuBois Law Group can represent you in your claim and help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Why Choose Us

  • Our firm takes on a small number of cases at a time, which allows us to provide each client with the personalized attention and care that they deserve.
  • We have years of experience representing injured Oregon residents, including bicycle accident victims. We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.
  • The aftermath of a bicycle accident can be painful and challenging. Your designated Hillsboro personal injury lawyer will handle all activities related to your case, allowing you to focus on recovery instead of complex litigation.

Legal Options for Oregon Bicycle Accident Victims

Oregon is a fault car insurance state, meaning that all drivers must carry certain amounts of liability insurance. If a driver causes an accident, he or she is financially responsible for the damages of any drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists injured in the crash.

If you are in an accident that another driver caused, you could hold him or her accountable for your injuries by filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit against him or her. Through this claim, you can recover compensation for the financial, physical, and emotional losses you sustained in the accident. This process can be made easy with the hiring of a Hillsboro bicycle accident attorney.

What to Do After a Hillsboro Bike Accident

The aftermath of a bicycle accident can be scary and confusing. If you want to file a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim, however, these moments are crucial to your future case. After the accident, take the following steps to protect yourself and preserve as much evidence as possible.

  • Call 911 and report the accident to law enforcement. The responding officer will create a police report that you can use as evidence in your future claim.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible and save all records related to your injuries and treatment. You should always seek medical attention, even if you do not feel hurt—your records will be vital to proving your claim.
  • If you can move around the accident site safely and without further injury, take as many pictures as possible. Photograph your injuries, property damage, debris, and the accident around the scene.
  • Exchange contact and insurance information with the at-fault driver. Keep your interaction brief and do not make any statements about your injuries or the collision.
  • If there are any witnesses in the area, ask for their contact information as well. These individuals could provide testimony evidence in your case.

After the accident, an insurance representative may contact you and ask for a statement about the collision. Do not speak to this representative until you contact a Hillsboro bicycle accident lawyer. As soon as possible after seeking medical attention for the collision, contact one of our personal injury attorneys to represent your claim.

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If you are injured in a bicycle collision, you may have grounds for legal action. In these situations, the Hillsboro bicycle accident lawyers at DuBois Law Group can fight for your right to maximum compensation. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation case consultation and discuss your legal options. (503) 222-4411