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Video: What to Do After a Phantom Vehicle Crash in Oregon

crash but didn’t hit me

What if someone causes me to crash but didn’t hit me?

If you’re in an accident that some other driver caused but there was no contact between the cars – so you’re driving and someone cuts you off and slams on the brakes and you swerve and you end up hitting a tree – but you don’t actually hit their car – that’s called a “phantom vehicle.

So there’s a problem with those claims, and the problem is that the insurance companies sometimes don’t believe it. They think you just ran into a tree, and now you’re making up someone else to make it look like it’s someone else’s fault.

You have to tell the police within 72 hours and tell your insurance company within three days.

So hopefully there’s a witness, some skid marks on the road can sometimes do it.

So, a phantom vehicle, if you’re seriously injured in a phantom vehicle crash, it’s a situation in which you probably want a lawyer, and you want him fast.

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