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Settle Your Own Accident Case Without A Lawyer

Order your FREE copy of our short guide to writing an ORS 20.080 demand to the insurance company yourself. This step-by-step process can help you communicate with the insurance adjuster for the compensation you deserve.
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You May Not Need a Lawyer

If you have a relatively smaller case, such as a rear-end collision without much damage to your vehicle, and resulting back or neck pain that lasts several months and then heals, you should be compensated. But the truth is, your compensation will probably only be in the $1,000 – $10,000 range.

BORS 20.080 personal injury claim guideut if it wasn’t your fault, you should get what you deserve: fair compensation for your injury and the effect it had on your life.

The problem: It’s very difficult to find a lawyer for a case that’s worth less than $10,000. And the insurance company knows it. So here’s what they say to themselves: “Fair compensation would be $3,000, but since this person will never find a lawyer to sue us, we’ll only offer $500.” Because they know what it costs to hire an Oregon injury lawyer.

The solution: Oregon law can help you. ORS 20.080.

How it works: You write a special letter called an “ORS 20.080 Demand Letter” to the insurance company. They have 30 days to respond. If they make you an offer you like, you take it, and you never even needed to get a lawyer involved!

If, on the other hand, they continue to low-ball you, you can hire a qualified Portland accident attorney. And (here’s the good part) if you win your case, the insurance company has to pay your attorney fees! That means, if they don’t agree to pay you a reasonable amount within 30 days, you’re basically getting a free lawyer – paid for by the insurance company.

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