Portland Injury Attorney: Knowledge and Experience

For a lot of folks, finding a Portland injury attorney might start by looking at advertisements online, in the newspaper, or even on television.  They may else seek word-of-mouth recommendations, asking friends, family or other legal professionals that they might know who would be the best attorney for them and their particular case or claim.

The choice of an attorney is a difficult one, especially when it comes to dealing with finding a personal injury attorney.  Personal injury situations are trying.  They often involve terrible injuries or damages, and individuals and families are maxed on their stress, their tolerance, and their patience.  The last thing they want to think about is finding an attorney, battling it out with an insurance company, or going to court.

While the entire process of a personal injury claim may be stressful, finding a Portland injury attorney should not be.  If you can find a great attorney who possesses these simple, solid characteristics, you can rest assured that your claim or your case is in good hands.

A Personal Injury Attorney Should Have Extensive Knowledge

Yes, when you hire an attorney to assist you with your case, you should make sure that they are, above all else, qualified to work on your case.  Knowledge can come from a variety of places.  It can come from education and mentoring, and it can also come from working in a particular field for a length of time.  Many attorneys will have specialized in a particular area of law, so when you trying a personal injury case, you want to make sure that you have an attorney working by your side who has knowledge of personal injury law.

Also, you will want to make sure that this attorney has knowledge working in the State of Oregon.  The laws governing personal injury cases will differ greatly state by state.  This means that if you don’t have an attorney who knows Oregon personal injury law, you’re going into your case half blind.

A Personal Injury Attorney Should Have Practical Experience

Being book-smart and knowing the law is one thing, but knowing how these laws actually come into play during the practice of law is another story.  Any personal injury attorney you work with should have practical experience.  This means that they’ve used what they know extensively in practice.  They have used their knowledge of the law to successfully negotiate with insurance companies regarding personal injury claims.  They have used their legal knowledge to try cases dealing with personal injury cases and have come out on top.

In Conclusion…

Knowledge and experience are vital, but there is perhaps one other item that is even more important.  This is the quality of the legal service provided by your Portland injury attorney.  Of course, this is the most difficult characteristic to quantify and you will likely have your own way of quantifying it.  Regardless of how you do, though, just remember that you should feel the comfort of knowing that your attorney is doing a good job for you.