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Finding a Lawyer for A Small or Minor Accident Claim

What You Need to Know About Your Small or Minor Injury Case: ORS 20.080

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You can get a lawyer for almost any case you want – that is, if you are willing to pay $250 or more per hour. But if you want a lawyer to work on a contingency basis, meaning that the lawyer does not take payment up front, but gets paid only if he wins your case, it can be very hard to find a lawyer for a small or minor accident case.

For a while, insurance companies were refusing to pay more than a few hundred dollars on small or minor accident claims, since they knew that injured people could never get lawyers for them-that is, until the Oregon Legislature realized insurance companies weren’t paying fair, and enacted Oregon Revised Statue 20.080.

ORS 20.080 makes it possible to settle these cases for a fair value, and here’s the good part:

  • You can usually settle your case yourself, without a lawyer. That means you get to keep every dollar you get. No attorney fees!  However, you must follow the statute exactly.
  • If that’s not possible, ORS 20.080 has a way that you can often force the insurance company to pay your attorney fees. That is not a misprint. The insurance company that is haggling with you, forcing you to get an attorney by lowballing you, will have to pay your attorney.

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Because they know that injured people with smaller cases have a harder time finding representation, insurance companies refuse to pay more than a few hundred dollars. Eventually, the Oregon legislature came together to level the playing field between consumers and manipulative insurance companies, and enacted the Oregon Revised Statute 20.080.

ORS 20.080 makes it possible for those injured to find an Oregon lawyer for any case worth $10,000 or less, as of Jan. 1, 2012. This law also stipulates that if an insurance company refuses to make a reasonable offer within 30 days of receiving a letter asking for the reasonable amount by the injured person, the insurance company can be made to pay the person’s lawyer fees.

You May Have a Better Case Than You Realize

You may think you have a smaller case, but you should speak with a lawyer to help determine if you need a Portland injury attorney. Because we work on contingency fee (and don’t get paid unless you do), we do not take cases unless we think we can win and will be honest about your claim. Our consultations are free so call (503) 222-4411 to speak with our staff today.

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