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What is Discovery in a Personal Injury Case?

The legal version of discovery is actually kind of close to the everyday meaning of the word. Think of it like this: when a Portland personal injury attorney “discovers” evidence in a case, he or she shares it with the opposing party. Discovery was put in place to help ensure a fair, speedy, and less expensive trial.

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Discovery in a personal injury case can take several forms. In Oregon state courts, discovery is governed by the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure, and can include:

  • Depositions (sworn oral testimony taken before trial)
  • Production (making documents or items available for copying, including electronic information)
  • Medical examinations
  • Requests for admission (asking the other party to agree to certain facts in writing)

Privileged information is protected from discovery in a personal injury case, including private conversations between a client and his or her attorney, the attorney’s work product and trial preparation materials. Discovery in a personal injury case is also limited to matters relevant to the case. Lawyers are ethically bound to conduct discovery honestly and diligently while protecting attorney-client confidentiality at all times.

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