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Will I Get a Quick Settlement for My Personal Injury Case?

Actually, it’s easy to get a quick settlement for a personal injury case. What’s unusual is a fast and fair settlement. The insurance companies love fast settlements because if you are in a rush, they know they will be able to settle for pennies on the dollar. But if you want to get the full amount that your claim is worth, it is rare to get it quickly. Some cases, from accident to payment, can take years.fair injury settlement, quick personal injury settlement, fair compensation for accident

After the accident, you will need to contact your insurance company, and if you’re smart, a Portland accident lawyer. Then, if you decide to pursue the case yourself, you will need to provide proof of medical treatments, and eventually, after you are medically stable (which can take months), you will need to contact the at-fault person’s insurance company and negotiate the amount you will receive for damages. All of this can take a while, especially if the adjuster is being difficult and delays or denies your claim.

Quick settlements for a personal injury case aren’t always good.  This is a typical, manipulative move on the behalf of the insurance company, and it forces many clients and their lawyers to give up too early and for too little. Rely on patience, a good attitude, and a Portland personal injury lawyer during your case, and be willing to wait to obtain the full amount your injury claim is worth. Doing so may help when it comes to paying off your accident-related medical bills and other debts.

On the other hand, it is possible, on rare occasions to get the full value of your case quickly. This is rare, but it’s important to know when this may happen. A quick settlement for a personal injury case usually occur in “policy limits” cases. This means that your case is clearly worth more than the limit of the insurance policy of the person who injured you. For example, if the person who injured you has a policy limit of $25,000, and your injuries are clearly worth more than that, then the insurance company may pay you the $25,000 quickly. Since that is the most they will ever pay,  taking this quick settlement for a personal injury case can be a good idea.

Be careful though.  You might need an attorney even if the insurance company offers you policy limits quickly.  The attorney might be able to keep the medical liens from taking all the money.

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