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Common Auto Accident Injuries

Well, there are many types of injuries, and no person’s symptoms and treatment are ever the same BUT here are some of the most common auto accident injuries.

common car accident injuries portland oregon

  1. Herniated Disk

    One of the most common car crash injuries is a herniated disk. A herniated, or “slipped,” disk occurs when the disk between spinal vertebrae moves out of place and the nerves can become pinched. If you have a herniated disk, these are common auto accident injuries that require more serious and long-term treatment.

  2. Bulging Disk

    When a piece of cartilage in the back is protruding either to the side of the spinal cord, or backwards, the injury is referred to as a bulging disc. While this type of injury is more commonly found in the lower back, they can also occur, quite painfully, in the neck, particularly in cases where the victim has suffered whiplash. People who have been injured in a car or motorcycle accident, or those who have fallen awkwardly, would be vulnerable to this type of spinal cord damage.

  3. Whiplash

    Whiplash is an injury that occurs following damage to the neck, and is another of the most common auto accident injuries. This condition is common as a result of injuries sustained in automobile accidents. The neck pain associated with whiplash may be obvious immediately after the injury or it may not show up for several days.

  4. Concussion

    One of the most distressing injuries a person can receive is a concussion. You hear a lot about it in sports, particularly football, but when it happens as the result of a bicycle accident or a car crash, it’s not nearly so glamorous. However, it is equally devastating, worrying and potentially dangerous. At its root, it’s a brain injury, and if something like this has happened to you in Oregon, it’s critical that you get proper medical advice.

  5. Shoulder Injuries

    The shoulder is one of the most complex areas of the body. Bones, ligaments, tendons, soft tissues, cartilage and a large joint area all make up the shoulder, making it an extremely vulnerable region susceptible to injury in a car crash. Portland personal injury lawyers see all types of shoulder injuries, some more debilitating than others. It’s an area where clients often ask: Can I get compensation for shoulder pain after a car accident? The short answer is “yes,” depending, of course, on a number of factors.

  6. Torn Rotator Cuffs

    One of the most common injuries that occur when a driver is involved in a side-impact or T-bone type collision is a painful tear of a composite of the four major muscles and tendon fibers that join to the upper half of the capsule of the shoulder joint. In ordinary, everyday language, this is known as the rotator cuff. Any Oregon driver who has experienced such an injury should seriously consider retaining the services of an experienced Portland personal injury lawyer. Why? Because traditionally, insurance companies have offered far less than the proportional average for this type of claim.

  7. Spinal Cord Injuries

    Back injuries can be one of the most terrifying consequences of a car accident but are still very common injuries after a can accident. Besides the extreme pain, the fear of paralysis or other serious long-term effects makes spinal cord injuries among the most dreaded of all. A broken leg will heal. Cuts and bruises fade, but damage to the spine means a lifetime of suffering. In Oregon, people who suffer spinal cord injuries in a car accident frequently seek the help of a  Portland personal injury attorney to steer them through the process of getting the compensation that will help fund the treatment and lifestyle changes these horrific injuries often require.

  8. Knee, Hip and Thigh Injuries

    When a car or truck is in a front-end collision, a steering wheel can slam down on the driver’s legs with sickening force. The dashboard may collapse onto the front seat passenger’s legs, and anyone in the vehicle could be thrown around the interior if the car rolls or slams into another object after the initial impact. In such instances, and particularly for those traveling in the front of the vehicle, the knees, hips, and thighs can sustain severe damage. These knee, hip, and thigh injuries after a car crash can be serious and long-term.

  9. Ankle Injuries

    The ankle joint is one of the most important, load-bearing parts of the body.  It must combine flexibility, stability, and strength to support the entire weight of the body while at the same time performing a wide range of movements. In a car accident, the stresses caused by a sudden, violent impact can do terrible damage to this joint, and Portland personal injury attorneys make many claims every year on behalf of people who have suffered ankle injuries after an accident.