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How We’re Different

Over $10 Million In Settlements Or Verdicts In The Last 5 Years Alone

Fewer Cases Better Results! We’ve made insurance companies and bad actors pay our clients over $10 million in the last five years alone. How do we do this when we only take about 7% of the cases that ask to hire us? Simply by working every case as hard as possible.

There are two kinds of personal injury law firms: some take every case that walks in the door and settle everything—they make money, but it’s volume. We are a specialized “boutique firm” and only take about 7% of the cases that ask to hire us. By doing so, we are able to work every case as hard as it needs to get the most money for every client. And the insurance companies keep track of this! They know which firms fight and which firms go for the quick settlement.

Separate Medical Department

We know of no other law firm in the state that is set up with a completely separate medical department. You have to have a medical degree to even get a job in this department at our office. And, it’s headed up by Lena DuBois (Sean’s wife) who is a Swedish trained physical therapist and so understands the medicine of our injured clients extremely well. We take a pro-active role in making sure our clients get the treatment they need from day one. Sometimes this means suggesting another course of treatment. Sometimes this means suggesting another doctor (yes, there are bad apples in every barrel). This does two wonderful things: 1) it builds a better case—good medical attention by good doctors always makes a better personal injury case and, 2) our clients actually get better faster! We’ve seen many clients get the treatment or surgery they need because we step in early and often and help avoid insurance pitfalls, doctors who aren’t competent to treat personal injury patients and often, help get people without health insurance the medical attention they need, including surgeries.

Big Firm Resources And Experience With A Family Touch

Don’t be fooled by our cozy office and convenient location. We’ve got the resources and experience of the big downtown firms in stuffy high-rise buildings; we just prefer to work in a comfortable environment. And, our clients seem to love it. They don’t have to park downtown and they comment often on how comfortable and non-intimidating our office is. Plus, that’s not who we are as a firm—we want every client to feel like family. While everyone in our office works on every case together, Sean and Lena have a special role – being married; they talk about every case together at least once a week. This way, you get the attention the head of the law firm and the head of our medical department – it’s a great combination.

ALWAYS Get To Talk With Your Attorney

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Communication Policy: Get On Our calendar!
The complaint we hear most often about other attorneys is that they don’t communicate often enough with their clients and won’t return phone calls promptly (or sometimes at all).

Attorneys are busy professionals and “married” to their calendars. The attorneys at DuBois Law Group are no exception. But we want to stay in contact with our clients so our communications policy is “Get On Our Calendar!” The best way to get to talk to one of us is to make a phone appointment on our calendar through one of our staff. You’ll be able to get a call back with 24-48 hours and have our full attention. The best part is that during your phone appointment, we won’t be interrupted by another client and distracted from your call.

The staff member who books your appointment will ask you detailed questions about the nature of what you want to talk to us about so that we are better able to get you the information you need.

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