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rouTruck Accident Case for Portland Personal Injury Law Firm DuBois Law Group

I’m going to give you an example of a typical Portland truck accident injury case that we worked on here at DuBois Law Group. A client comes to me as a commercial truck driver. He was injured in a car crash on the job and he worked for himself; he was a self-made man, made good money because he had worked really hard his whole life, owned his own rig, and was sort of, you know, one of these independent guys that just loved his lifestyle.

When he was injured in this car crash, he was in his rig, but because he worked for himself, there was no worker’s comp. insurance. He committed the crime in this country of making enough money to live on and have the lifestyle of freedom that he wanted, but not enough money to afford health insurance as a self-employed guy. This guy was out of luck.

He was hurt by somebody else, no fault of his own. In fact, he was parked when it happened. There’s no way he was at fault and the insurance company from the truck that hit him just delayed, delayed, delayed, and delayed and wouldn’t pay his medical bills, wouldn’t pay his wage loss, and it was just a terrible story.

He nearly lost his house, but he hired us and we were able to get in there and work on the case right away, and get all of his medical treatment paid for, get his wage loss paid for, get his future wage loss paid for and recover non-economic damages, pain and suffering damages, for what he’d gone through. So it was a really, really good outcome for him and frankly a great example of why my partner Josh and I love our jobs. We really get to make a difference in people’s lives, and without skilled personal injury help this guy would have lost his house and had to declare bankruptcy because he had, you know, $75,000 in medical bills.

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