Portland injury attorney

A Good Lawyer Prepares You for the Case

Having Someone on Your Side…Feels Very Nice

I’m very pleased with the service. [The case] was very stressful. From the aches and pains I had in the beginning to dealing with the insurance companies one-on-one. But then, having to go through litigation – it was very stressful. And it makes you feel like you’re a bad guy, and having somebody on your side proving that you’re not the bad guy, that you’re one of the Portland injury victims feels very nice. And that’s exactly what happened.

From the beginning of our first appointment with Sean, just the formalities of: This is what I have to bring to him; this is what he has to offer, and we met in the middle. It was totally in the middle. No empty promises. It was: “This is what I can do, everything else is up in the air until we get to the end, you know, it’s out of our control. But this is what we can do. And I don’t lose.”

You don’t know what to look for. You don’t know what to and what not to look for. You know you don’t want a bad lawyer; you want a good lawyer. You want to go in and get out and feel okay about it. And from this standpoint, it’s been like that. That was very reassuring and he came across as professional at all times, very down to earth, and very informative at all times. Any questions I had, he explained in full detail, but in layman’s terms.

Sean prepping me, the meeting beforehand, worked out really well. The preparation for that helped me a lot. I tend to talk very fast. And Sean, he helped me with that so that I could come across not scatter-brained and scared and confused and just really focus on the truth, and just focusing on the truth. And that was very helpful.

– Mariah Richards, Portland, OR