Portland injury attorney

“I Brought You Donuts Because I Was So Happy”

Satisfied Client Talks about Why Having a Lawyer Helped Her Case:

I bought you doughnuts because I was so happy that you helped me, and I just wanted to show you my appreciation…for getting me the most money that you could for my troubles, for my pain, for what I went through, and I really appreciate that. And I know you put your best effort into that every step of the way. And you called me to let me know what you were doing; you shared with me all of the information.

To have somebody else take care of it when you’re trying to deal with all the things that you have to deal with in relation to the car accident and trying to go to physical therapy and everything like that. It would have been a much bigger stress on my back to try to deal with insurance companies. I already did try for a few days there, so, I know what it’s like to talk to them when they’re manipulating. So it was nice to be able to put it in your hands and not have to deal with it – and get a check at the end.

It was just a lot more than just the pain, you know. There was a lot of other stuff that went on. You know, it’s nice to be compensated just a little bit for all the other stuff I dealt with and I appreciate you helping me.

– S.G. of Portland