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Low-Impact Auto Accident Client Testimonial

Oregon Auto Accident Case That Went to Mediation:

Portland Oregon

I’m Denise Dale and I was rear-ended on the freeway. We pulled off and exchanged information and I was pretty much in shock. I didn’t know what to do and I was instantly in pain but I didn’t know what to do about that either. I went home and tried to contact my insurance.

I went and saw a chiropractor to deal with my neck pain and the pain I was having in my shoulder from the accident and the opposing insurance was becoming more and more aggressive with me. They were threatening to not process my information if I didn’t give it to them right away. They were calling me names and I got really upset and overwhelmed and that’s when I decided to find a lawyer.

I was looking at a lot of different lawyers and I was very picky. I did not want to work with somebody who was going to give me medical advice. I wanted a lawyer who was going to help me and we were going to be a team and I talked to Sean DuBois, and he was incredibly respectful and compassionate. He listened and he treated me like another adult. He did not tell me what to do and he let me know exactly where I stood and whether or not they were going to be able to help me and I felt very grateful for that. He was very ethical and focused on what was realistic which was really important to me too.

I had amazing interactions with everyone on staff. I hadn’t anticipated feeling so warm towards them. They were very friendly and very comforting and it really made it a joy to come in actually like even though I was scared and anxious about the deposition and the mediation all the talks on the phone were easy. I wasn’t nervous to call to talk to anybody here. I knew I was going to have a good interaction and that’s really important because you’re going through something incredibly difficult, incredibly stressful and hard and you need a supportive team to do it with you.

Sean was amazing. He went through the whole process. He met with me earlier so that we could talk before it started. He worked with the mediator and the mediator and Sean made sure I understood that was happening and answered all of my questions so I wasn’t in a position of feeling like I was just sitting there and other people were taking care of things for me. I was always an active participant and I was always part of a team and that was so important to me that we worked together to get what was best for me, that I wasn’t just told what to do.

And the most amazing thing was that through the mediation Sean made sure to look at what was best for me and even if it wasn’t what was best for him it was he made sure to let me know what I needed and what was right for me and I was really impressed that he would put my needs and what I wanted before his own, which is the mark of a really amazing lawyer if you ask me.

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