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Couple Was Rear-Ended, Just Wanted a Fair Settlement

 The Results Met, Exceeded, Our Expectations

Cliff: We got rear-ended on McLoughlin  Boulevard in October of 2010 with someone running a red light and hitting us from behind.

Miki: I loved the initial meeting where you meet with both Sean and Josh. You meet with each player from who’s going to be handling the medical records to who might be calling you regarding additional questions. So I feel like it was so thorough and everybody was so easy to talk to and work with. We hired them because of our initial meeting with them, the fact that we had been recommended by an attorney that we respect a lot and then really because in the initial meeting they were so honest upfront and told us exactly what we could expect and what not to expect from the situation.

Cliff: The contacts that he’s made throughout the whole case, he’s told us everything up to date, just informed us what was going on throughout the whole process, which was a lengthy process. So…

Miki: And I would just add what’s made it so great is just how helpful that he’s been and everybody else in the office. No secrets, everything is right up front all along the process. Many times Sean called us personally. If we had any questions we could call and everybody took the time to explain every process, a waiting period where some documentation that they were going to receive in the mail, we knew before we even got it. The staff at DuBois Law Group is amazing. There is not one person that we worked with that wasn’t completely helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to take the time to explain any questions that we had. Also, the results met, exceeded, our expectations. We didn’t have any. Anyway, we just really wanted it to be fair. I would absolutely recommend people to DuBois Law Group.