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Disk Replacement in Neck After Auto Accident

After Being Rear-Ended, She was Confident in Our Firm

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in December 2008. I was rear-ended on the freeway. I went through physical therapy for about a year and a half.

I was finally told that I would have to have a discogram, so I have an artificial disc placed in my neck. I was very educated on the process and what to expect. I was given paperwork when I left the very first day, and I knew what was ahead and I was informed of the entire process. Everyone here has been extremely professional.

It is a waiting period but the wait is definitely worth it. I am very confident that behind the scenes everyone here was working on my case and in my best interests until the very end and I would strongly recommend this law firm.

The people here are just really friendly and I looked forward to the conversations and coming in. It was very much resolved to my satisfaction because it wasn’t a one-time offer from this law firm. They went back again and renegotiated which actually ended up to my advantage.

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