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Chose SDB Out of Ten Law Firms She Interviewed

Traumatic Brain Injury Premises Liability Case

Hi, I am Kayla Harrison. Two years ago I had a fall, which resulted in a spinal injury and a brain injury. After I recovered for a month at home I started my extensive search for a legal team. So I came here first and met with Josh and asked questions on how the process works, how my life would be impacted, what the strategy would be, as much as I could ask.

Josh was the only lawyer that I met with that didn’t get so excited about my case that he was trying to sell himself. He realized that I was doing this on my own and gave me his book and gave me questions to ask other lawyers and even as I was trying to interview him, I was like, “Wait, hold on, I feel like I am supposed to be asking you questions and you’re just giving me questions to ask other lawyers during this interview.” I felt instantly comfortable here and after interviewing nine other law firms I couldn’t beat it.

This process of having a personal injury lawyer is a very personal process, it’s very intense. You are, you have to do it, by yourself. Even though people can come to the interview, it’s you, it’s you and your lawyers, and you have to feel comfortable and because of that and because I had a comfortable relationship with Josh, I was okay. I was perfectly fine with the process and I was educated in what I wanted to know.

I would definitely refer people to DuBois Law Group. It is a very scary process and they make it not scary, they really do. It’s very personal, it’s not your just a name on a list of a hundred cases that they have, they’re trying to juggle at one time. They know your name, everyone in this office knows your name, you’re not just a number, they know everything about you and that’s how it should be. They should know everything about you and not just kind of foot through the file and remember that that’s you. They should know you like the back of your hand and that’s what happens here.

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