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Oregon Bicycle Accident Client Testimonial

I was on a bike traveling southbound, and was hit by a car. I broke my hip and my hand and had three compression fractures in my back.

My case was such that I was referencing many different insurance companies and insurance is tough to deal with. You have so many questions about what’s going on. Just the insurance process – I mean it’s so, it’s such a hard thing. It’s like a game and you don’t understand it. Like there are rules and processes that you just don’t get and I just don’t have the time to understand or figure it all out and it makes sense to get somebody who already does have that information.

When I would ask a question I had enough information from Sean to understand what’s going on. Sean came to my house. He sat down with me on my couch (I was on crutches) and he introduced himself to my family and I really felt like he wasn’t just going to be an attorney. He was going to be somebody that cared about what was going to happen in my case.

Everyone here was fantastic. I mean, response times were instant – if not, you know, within the day. Any questions that I had were not only followed up right away, if they weren’t answered but they were followed up within a period of time and somebody had an answer for me. Definitely my settlement results were very good compared to what I expected and what I kind of initially formulated in my head.

– J.M., Portland, Oregon

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