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Portland Trial Lawyer Sean DuBois is “Awesome”

Sean Did a Good Job of Keeping Me Calm

Looking at this much money, I don’t want to just jump and do something. I want to think it out and see what’s left and go from there.

Sean did a really good job of keeping me calm and my wife calm too. It’s a real hard thing to go through. It’s not easy. If I had to go through it again . . . I sure wouldn’t want to go through it again. But if I had to I’d definitely have Sean on my side.  I think he did a really awesome job of taking care of us.

You ask yourself, with the injuries and stuff that I’ve got to live with the rest of my life, no it’s not worth it. It never will be worth it. But at least this will get us going in a different direction.

What’s the one most important thing he could have done differently or better? He did a really awesome job all the way through. I really don’t know anything that he could have done better.  He did a really good job all the way through. There was a lot to this. He had all of his Ps and Qs and stuff together. I think he did it right.

To be honest with you, when we went into that hearing, I wasn’t expecting that much money. I was expecting a lot less. So we walked out with over $100,000 more than we expected, which is pretty good.

It was a real good move for Sean to have all those people there. That was just awesome because everyone knew everyone, and they were all right in tune with what was going on.

Sean did a really good job of getting us the money and I’m really happy with it. We can get on with our life now and do what we want to do.

We’re going to be having a big barbeque, and you guys are going to have to come up for it.

-L.T., Auburn, Washington