Portland injury attorney

“You Know, We’ve Heard Really Good Things About Them”

They’ll Make Your Life Very Easy

I was parked at a stop sign, and a car hit me from behind going about 25 mph. And I immediately got out of the car, and my neck hurt.

As I was getting acupuncture, my acupuncturist told me about DuBois Law Group. She said, “You know, we’ve heard really good things about them,” and I came here.

Everything was very easy, simple, and everything’s been taken care of. They not only educated me, they gave me accurate information that I’ve actually passed on to other people, that was used, and I’ve actually had other people call as well!

They had a very nice pamphlet and packet that they gave me, and I have called them to ask things because I had never been in an accident before. I would call them, and an hour later Josh  would call me back. If you want it nice and easy, they’ll make your life very easy. This is a good way to go. Very good.

– A.L., Portland, Oregon