Personal Injury Reviews

Friendly, Concerned, Comfortable

My brother searched the Internet and selected three firms to interview. We were impressed by your honesty and concern during our initial meeting. Friendly, concerned, comfortable. Since we’d never needed to deal with a similar experience, we didn’t know what to expect. Your initial explanations were very helpful. The settlement will allow Dad to remain in his […]

Honest Facts – NO Fluff

[I chose you] for your reputation, integrity. Thank you Lena, ALL were so kind and compassionate. Honest facts – NO fluff. Communication. Confidence of having my best in mind. Spoke in language I understood. Listening to me Vent. Realistic expectations.

– N.R.L., Clackamas, Oregon

Portland Trial Lawyer Sean DuBois is “Awesome”

Looking at this much money, I don’t want to just jump and do something. I want to think it out and see what’s left and go from there. Sean did a really good job of keeping me calm and my wife calm too. It’s a real hard thing to go through. It’s not easy. If […]

Personalized Attention to My Case

I liked the personalized attention I received from the start. Someone from the office checked in with me regularly throughout the process. I’m very pleased with the outcome. Everyone has been very helpful and took a personal interest in my recovery. I really appreciate everything! Thank you!

– L.N., Vancouver, Washington

My Experience Working with You Was Great

My experience working with you was great! You responded to my emails thoroughly and quickly even in the middle of moving your office.

– C.R., Portland, Oregon

You Treated it Like a Family Matter

Even though it was my case, you treated it like a family matter for it was a life altering experience for me.

– V.M., Vancouver, Washington