Personal Injury Reviews

DuBois Law Firm was Knowledgeable, Professional, and Concerned

DuBois law firm was knowledgeable, professional, and concerned about my injuries. Good communication – did what they said they would do. Lena, Jamie, both returned calls promptly, were concerned about my injuries. Good explanation of the process.

– J. E., West Linn, Oregon

No Secrets, Everything is Right Up Front All Along the Process

Cliff: We got rear-ended on McLoughlin  Boulevard in October of 2010 with someone running a red light and hitting us from behind. Miki: I loved the initial meeting where you meet with both Sean and Josh. You meet with each player from who’s going to be handling the medical records to who might be calling you […]

Kind and Compassionate

You came highly recommended and we were impressed with our interview. It has been pain free (I just wish the accident had been). I slept well knowing you were taking care of things. Kind and compassionate. Calm and professional. Yes, I was pleased. By sending out info. prior to our meeting I was able to do my […]

Y’all are awesome!

Really. Thanks. My favorite attorneys ever! I had [no expectations] so you way exceeded them. Honestly I feel like you guys went out of your way for me and my family…considering the circumstances.

– C.W., Portland, Oregon

Good, Very Informative

[I] heard only good things about this firm. The best part was the information I was provided and the amazing customer service from all staff. Friendly and efficient. Good, very informational. Yes, my expectations were exceeded.The book given to me at the beginning of the process and the quick responses from the all assistants or staff […]

Consistent, Quality Care.

I trust and respect the people who referred you. My interactions on the phone and in person were professional, relaxed, informative, courteous, and non-pressuring. Consistent quality care. All my questions were answered clearly and I was guided effortlessly through the process. I liked that I received phone called just to update me on the status […]

Patient and Relaxed Manner

Timely and thorough communication about my case. Fast reply to all my questions and concerns, clear and reasonable explanations about my case. Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, responsive, helpful, patient. Clear explanations presented in a patient and relaxed manner. I can’t think of anything [to improve].

– D.G., Portland, Oregon

Honest and Straightforward About the Process

Joshua seemed honest and straightforward about the process. He supported my decision, whether that was to hire him or not. I felt like he had our best interests in mind. Everyone was very friendly when they talked with me. I would describe the whole staff as capable and friendly. I enjoyed my conversations with Jamie the most, […]