Personal Injury Reviews

Top Notch Service Across the Board

About two years ago I was involved in a car accident. Actually someone hit me while I was stopped. And due to that accident I had to have an operation on my left shoulder. Because of that, I came to DuBois Law Group for a little bit of help and I couldn’t be happier. The first […]

It Felt Like Everyone Genuinely Cared.

I was impressed by the initial interview process. It felt like everyone genuinely cared. Minimal meetings and paperwork has been great due to my busy schedule. Everyone was very welcoming, very professional. My expectations were to resolve my personal injury case without difficulty. These expectations were met.

– H.S., Portland, Oregon

My Expectations Were to Win This Case, And We DID

I feel everyone went above and beyond to help me. I’m happy to say I did not have any negative experiences working with DuBois Law Group. The staff were courteous and friendly. I appreciated the efforts and communication. My expectations were to win this case and we did, so my expectations were fully met. My legal team […]

Went the Extra Mile When I Didn’t Want To!

All the staff was very professional. Friendly, really checked out my info. and went the extra mile when I didn’t want to. [They] always kept me informed…100% informed, and I was able to feel I was involved. You are all great!

– R. N., Portland, Oregon

Everyone Here is Fantastic.

I was on a bike traveling southbound, and was hit by a car. I broke my hip and my hand and had three compression fractures in my back. My case was such that I was referencing many different insurance companies and insurance is tough to deal with. You have so many questions about what’s going […]

Professional Service at All Times

The team seems to be great about customer service – professional service at all times. Everybody did a great job, from phones calls to representation in the court house. Easy, well-oriented, and not complicated. A fair settlement from the other party was granted in the court jury decision. Everything was carefully explained throughout the process of […]

Liked Getting Info. Prior to the Meeting

[I] found a blog about my accident on your website, liked getting info. prior to the meeting, the location, and the sincerity. Everything and getting a birthday card [was great]. Jamie is awesome, and Lena is really understanding. Very straight forward. I expected to get nothing back and a long process – neither was the […]