Personal Injury Reviews

I Held My Own Because You Were Fighting for Me

You were friendly and professional when you returned my call. All of the other attorneys kept it very short when I told them my situation. You gave me a chance by offering an appointment to hear me out. Even when you were outside of office hours and even on vacation, you never let me go more than […]

I was Heard, Understood, and Respected

I was quite pleased with the manner you handled my case. Yes, I would say that you acted in a courteous and professional manner. I feel that I was kept in the loop and all communication was prompt. I believe the overarching feeling of my interaction with counsel in my case was that I was heard, understood and respected […]

Extreme Dedication

During the trial you were very focused. All the advice you gave me made perfect sense and I never questioned its importance in succeeding. I had very little idea what was going to happen with my situation, but you seemed to grasp immediately what the situation would be like for me and its duration till completion. You always […]

An Attorney Who Stood By Me

You were very courteous and professional. My lawsuit was drug out a long time and I really appreciated you not giving up on me. I was very impressed with the timely response with all of my phone calls. I never felt like I was pushed aside because you were too busy. My case results were […]

My Expectations Were Far Exceeded to Say the Least

I chose DuBois Law Group for the fact that Mr. DuBois responded to my phone the very next morning, and Mr. Shulman came to see me in the rehabilitation center the following day. I had no negative experiences of any kind with DuBois Law Group. Every phone call I placed was answered on the spot, […]

Looking Out for My Best Interest

All of our experiences in dealing with you were positive. You were timely, prompt and always kept us up to date on what was going on. You continually were looking out for my best interest. Without a doubt I would not hesitate to refer you as a lawyer if someone, i.e. co-worker, friend or family member needing […]

Everyone Was Great, Courteous, Kind!

You were straightforward, told me what to expect, were thorough. Every step of the way was explained to me! I have no complaints. Everyone was great, courteous, kind! They always kept me “in the loop” and “went the extra mile.”

– J.H., Oregon City, Oregon

I Looked Forward to the Conversations

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in December 2008. I was rear-ended on the freeway. I went through physical therapy for about a year and a half. I was finally told that I would have to have a discogram, so I have an artificial disc placed in my neck. I was very educated […]