Personal Injury Reviews

They’ll Make Your Life Very Easy

I was parked at a stop sign, and a car hit me from behind going about 25 mph. And I immediately got out of the car, and my neck hurt. As I was getting acupuncture, my acupuncturist told me about DuBois Law Group. She said, “You know, we’ve heard really good things about them,” and […]

Help, Counsel, and Understanding

Thank you so much for all your help, counsel and understanding throughout this case. You have made this hard process a lot easier and we appreciate you so much for that. Thank you.

-N.T., Portland, Oregon

Sean Made Sure I Understood Everything Completely

I got hit by a drunk driver driving home from a concert one night. My neck, two discs in my spine. My neck twisted, my back twisted, my shoulder. When I first met with Sean he was really nice. He went over everything, made sure I understood everything completely and he was very friendly. I did like […]

You Worked To Get the Debts Lowered for Me

I appreciate all you did for me. As you could probably guess, it was my first time needing a lawyer, but you made everything very comfortable. Especially, I appreciate how you worked to get the debts lowered for me. I do hope I’m never in a position to need a lawyer for anything like this, but […]

Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for your support in this case. I know it must have been kind of crazy for you to jump in mid-way. Thanks again!

-M.H., Hillsboro, Oregon

Keep Up the Great Work

We found you in the phone book and happy we did, you are very helpful and made my case easy and not painful, I was in a collision with my work truck that was very scary and thankfully everyone is OK. At all times I felt informed and you tried your hardest to get me what I […]

You Understood How I Was Feeling

I felt and know now that you knew exactly what you were doing. You knew what the process to resolve the matter was and all the legalities behind it. I recall being regularly apprised of the matter and it was resolved quickly. You are a warm person. You listened well and made me feel like my complaint […]

It Was a Good Experience

Since I never needed an attorney before, a friend of [name deleted] asked him to find someone for me. I thought you did a great job at explaining everything as it would happen and I especially loved breakfast before court. I remember it was a good experience and I really appreciated the fact that you talked to the […]