I Held My Own Because You Were Fighting for Me

You were friendly and professional when you returned my call. All of the other attorneys kept it very short when I told them my situation. You gave me a chance by offering an appointment to hear me out. Even when you were outside of office hours and even on vacation, you never let me go more than a day without returning a phone call or email. I felt you were with me all the way.

Even when it was bad news, you let me know every step of the way each step we had to take and why. You handled my case so well that in the end you ended up giving me satisfactory results twice. I was able to pay off all of my bills, then also got a second settlement that allowed me some financial freedom. Every aspect was handled well. Never did I dream that an attorney could represent me fully without me having to pay a retainer up front.

My case was so well handled, and the results were so life changing for me, I have only wonderful things to say. In this economy, I’m even more grateful to you than you will ever know, that you took the time to listen to me where the other attorneys would not. You were always honest, never offered me false hope, always were there every step of the way. But most importantly, I can never find words to thank you for believing I had a case, and stepping up for me even though I had no up front money to offer you.

Because of you, I’m able to navigate through this economy’s financial crisis without the constant calls from the bill collectors. I had considered bankruptcy, but I held my own because you were fighting for me. I think about you often and will never forget your name.

-D.B., Portland, Oregon