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Estate and Personal Representative in Wrongful Death


When a person dies, and leaves behind anything that is worth money, the law creates an “estate.” If John Doe dies, then it will be called “The Estate of John Doe.” For example, you may sometimes see “Estate Sales,” where the possessions of someone who has passed away are being sold. What has happened, legally,… read more

Why Pursue A Wrongful Death Claim?


Before discussing wrongful death laws, let us focus for a minute on the propriety of bringing a wrongful death lawsuit in the first place. There are some who think it’s wrong to accept money because someone died. We understand that accepting money due to the death of a loved one can seem wrong. But when… read more

Is Murder the Same As A Wrongful Death? – Part 2


As mentioned in previous blog posts, a criminal case is separate and independent from a civil case. Some deaths result in only a criminal case (murder or manslaughter), but no civil case. Others may result in a civil case (known as wrongful death) but no criminal case. Still others may result in both. So yes,… read more

How are damages determined?


How are damages determined? This is perhaps is the most complicated issue in Oregon wrongful death laws because so many factors have to be taken into consideration, including: Medical bills and burial expenses. The loss of wages the person would have earned had they lived. This is usually determined by an expert economist who will… read more

Understanding Insurance Policy Limits

Every insurance policy has limits. This is the maximum amount that the insurance company will have to pay. Automobile insurance limits are typically quoted as two numbers with a slash between them. For example, as of this writing, ORS 806.070 requires that an automobile policy issued in Oregon must have liability limits of at least… read more