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Federal or State Court?


“Venue” means where a lawsuit is filed. The options are Federal Court or State Court, and then within the State Court system, a particular county must be chosen. This is a complicated decision that depends upon the specific details of your case, but here’s an overview of why “where” is very important. In general, State… read more

Reaching a Settlement in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit


Once a settlement offer has been made, it is your lawyer’s job to advise you as to whether the offer is reasonable given the risks of a trial. But it is the personal representative’s job – not the lawyer’s – to make the final decision as to whether to accept a settlement offer. A judge… read more

Meeting with and Choosing Your Wrongful Death Attorney


Choosing a lawyer is of course a crucial step in the process. You should interview several lawyers, and you should ask them hard questions. Take notes, and feel free to bring a trusted friend or relative with you. But do be aware that the presence of a friend may negate the confidentiality of the meeting,… read more