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What is the Time Limit for a Tort Claim Notice?


It is not always clear what a “public body” is. If a person works for a city, county, or the state, then it’s pretty obvious. But did you know that OHSU (Oregon Heath Science University) can be considered a “public body” for the purpose of this rule? “Public body” is defined in ORS 30.260, and… read more

Fatal Rollover Kills Member of Rock Band


Date: August 2, 2010 Location: I-5 near Medford, Oregon Names: Makh (Matikeef) P. Daniels, Justin H. Garcia, Tyler S. Jensen, John S. Strachan, Matthew J. O’Brien, Daniel P. Sheddon, Adam T. Campbell, Alex Hernandez A tour van carrying nine musicians from two California metal bands, Early Graves and Funeral Pyre, crashed August 2, 2010 on… read more

Passenger Dies After Near Head-On Crash


Date: May 20, 2010 Location: Highway 213 near Oregon City, Oregon Names: Carol Elaine Hoyt, Keith Eugene Lloyd, Gina Marie Fraijo On May 21, 2010, Carol Elaine Hoyt, 76, died in a Portland hospital from injuries sustained in a car crash the day before on Highway 213 in the Oregon City, Oregon area, according to… read more

Driver in Jail after Fatal Crash


Date: May 24, 2010 Location: Highway 58 West of Oakridge Names: Gregory Ralph Muller, Bonnie Puckett Oregon State Police have completed a two-month investigation into a March 2010 fatal traffic crash on Highway 58 West of Oakridge, and have taken one of the drivers to jail, according to an OSP press release. Police say Bonnie… read more