Driving Myth #4: Use of Turning Lanes

Myth No. 4:  I can use the left turn lane (or designated center turn lane) as a merging lane or as a lane of travel to get up to my anticipated turning point. This could rank as among the most highly abused of our five Portland driving myths. The incorrect use of left turn lanes […]

Driving Myth #2: Pedestrian Right of Way

Myth No. 2:  As a pedestrian, I ALWAYS have the right of way over motor vehicles. As well as leading to unseemly arguments and the occasional use of language best left to very, very bad movie scripts, this myth has also led to far too many serious accidents between pedestrians and vehicles. As Portland personal […]

Drunk Driving Crack Down in Portland

All traffic accidents are regrettable under any circumstances and even more so when someone gets injured. Thousands of Oregon drivers are unfortunate enough to be injured every year, and hundreds are killed in accidents that are caused by everything from poor road conditions and appalling weather to medical conditions or texting while driving. However, Portland […]

Portland to Enforce Sidewalk Bicycling Laws

Portland has long been known as a city where huge numbers of people use bicycles for a wide variety of purposes—to get to work, to see the sights, to protect the environment and of course, for exercise. Sadly, the ever-increasing number of cyclists has led to safety issues for cyclists, skateboarders and pedestrians. As Portland […]