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Choosing the Venue

“Venue” means where a lawsuit is filed. The options are Federal Court or State Court, and then within the State Court system, a particular county must be chosen. This is a complicated decision that depends upon the specific details of your case, but here’s an overview of why “where” is very important. In general, State… read more

Possible Beneficiaries

When we wrote our first legal book, Seven Common Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Oregon Accident Case, we were very careful to write it simply, with a minimum of technical “legalspeak.” The idea was to write a book that would help non-lawyers settle their own cases, or decide if a lawyer was warranted. This book… read more

The McDonald’s Coffee Case—A Myth Explained

There seems to be more and more criticism of personal injury lawsuits. People have tried to claim compensation for some very frivolous injuries. We hate frivolous lawsuits more than anyone. We make our living pursuing justice in the courts, and frivolous lawsuits give the courts and justice a bad name. Most personal injury suits are… read more