Oregon Injury Attorneys’ Update On Potential Legislation

New Legislation Could Affect Oregon Bicycle Accident Victim Compensation

As spring quickly approaches and warm weather arrives, Oregon residents are already beginning to enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, an inevitable consequence of an increase in outdoor activities is that more opportunities exist for injuries to occur. In anticipation of the many outdoor activities you might be planning, the Oregon injury attorneys at Shulman Dubois LLC want to update you on some potential changes in Oregon legislature that could affect your springtime fun and your wallet.

Many Oregon parents may discover that a change in one Oregon law could affect some of their family’s favorite springtime activities and require the purchase of a helmet (or multiple helmets depending upon the number of children in the family and the type of activities). Just this week, the Oregon Legislature held a public hearing to discuss Senate Bill 742 and its companion bill, Senate Bill 741 (which would require mandatory helmets for certain competitive activities), both concerning changes to the state’s mandatory helmet laws. The public hearing, according to news reports, proved to be controversial as many bike advocates attended the hearing to voice their opposition to the changes these two bills would put into law.

Currently, Oregon children under the age of 16 are required to wear headgear when riding bikes, scooters or skateboards or using roller skates and roller blades. Senate Bill 742 would increase the mandatory age of those who must wear helmets from 16 to 18. Bike advocates opposed to the measure opine that the change in the age requirement would discourage people from riding bikes instead of protecting children and believe that “legislative efforts would be better spent on programs educating cyclists” on bike safety and the education of motorists concerning sharing the road with cyclists.

Biking is a highly popular sport in Oregon, with thousands of cyclists riding bikes to work, to run errands and for exercise—meaning that while accidents will inevitably occur, Oregonian drivers are quite used to sharing the roadways with cyclists. However, regardless of how safe a bicycle rider is or how aware drivers are, accidents will and do occur in Oregon. Bicycle riders are at more risk for serious injury when involved in an accident than others because, with little physical protection, a cyclist is no match when a collision occurs with any kind of vehicle, no matter how slow that vehicle might be traveling. Consequently, some of the most devastating injuries that Oregon injury attorneys see involve incidents where a bicycle and vehicle crash.

Bicycle Accident Victims Are Entitled To The Same Types Of Compensation That Auto Accident Victims Are Entitled To

Bicycle collision victims are often entitled to the same types of compensation that car accident victims are entitled to. Normally covered by the at-fault person’s insurance company, injuries that result from a bicycle collision include compensation for serious or permanent injury expenses that include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Future earning potential
  • Future healthcare
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other expenses associated with the accident

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