Portland Police Bureau Cracks Down on Hit and Run Drivers

There are crimes of passion, petty crimes, crimes of negligence and neglect, white collar crimes born of greed and corruption…it’s true to say there are almost as many types of crime as there are criminals. But then there is the crime that in many ways is worse than most others. Portland bicycle accident lawyers and […]

Gathering Your Oregon Medical Records

In the case of an Oregon traffic accident where someone has been hurt, a Portland injury lawyer will not only want to see his client’s medical records, he or she will also know what to do with them to help their client’s case. A recent study has shown that most patients would like access to […]

Costs of a Court Trial in a Personal injury Case

No one likes the thoughts of having to make a court appearance, especially if they think they’re going to be questioned by a cold-hearted, aggressive attorney who is going to try to make them look like the biggest liar on the planet. Then there’s the expense of hiring a lawyer to represent your best interests. […]

What Happens if My Car is Totaled in an Accident?

You were driving your pride and joy down the highway on a sunny day without a care in the world.  The stereo was belting out your favorite song, and the weekend was just around the corner. What could possibly go wrong? Suddenly, the answer to that question appeared in the form of a pickup truck […]

Oregon Allstate Insurance Claim for Personal Injury

You only have to hear the words, “You’re in good hands,” to know which insurance company is being discussed. That slogan has been with Allstate Insurance for decades. The company has grown to become the largest publicly held personal lines insurer in the country, with a staggering $131 billion in total assets. More than 16 […]

How to Describe an Auto Accident to the Insurance Company

For any Oregon driver who has ever had to file an auto accident insurance claim, giving a clear, accurate description of what happened is critical to a successful settlement of that claim. Even if you weren’t directly involved in an accident, but you were a witness, there are a number of key things to remember […]

Oregon Country Financial Insurance Claims for Personal Injury

Country Financial Insurance Company was founded in 1925, when they started out selling policies mostly to the Illinois farmers who also acted as their agents. While they wouldn’t be considered one of the largest auto insurers in the country, they do cover more than 1 million vehicles and employ 3,600 people across the nation and […]

Oregon Travelers Insurance Claims for Personal Injury

Travelers offered their first car insurance policy in 1897 to a man named Gilbert Loomis. He was a mechanic who built a one-cylinder car, and Travelers Insurance Company sold him a policy to protect him in the event of personal injury or loss of life. Since then, Travelers have grown to become one of the […]